Chili Contest and Chicken Chili Recipe

Well, I survived today’s Chili Contest. In case you missed hearing about it (how is that possible?), I was in the Amherst Chamber of Commerce’s Winterfest Chili Contest. It. was held at a golf course, but we were, thankfully, inside. The winner, sadly, wasn’t moi, but was a nice chili from the Black Sheep deli. Mine was a different one, with chicken, black bens, and corn. And the secret ingredient (okay, so it’s not a secret anymore) is cinnamon. It adds almost a sweetness to it. And people almost always ask what that secondary flavor is. And, especially as a lot of people are now starting to think about bathing suits, it’s also a very healthy dish. So, bon apetit. Go get the ingredients and make it. You’ll be glad you did.