Turkey Carving 101

Do you get nervous when it comes to turkey carving?  Well, fret no more!  My video on carving will not only answer all of your questions, everyone at your Thanksgiving table will “ooh” and “aah” at your knife-wielding skills.  Even the turkey will be impressed.

Go to my Chef Bill Facebook page, and scroll down the left side to the video.  It’s the best eight minutes of fun on the whole world wide web!  And while you’re there, sign up to become a Chef Bill fan.  It’s a great way to keep up with the all kinds of food things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pad Thai Everywhere!!!!

This has been a crazy-busy food week, with no end in sight for 10 more days.  Which is a VERY good thing, BTW.  Tonight, I made pad Thai for 200 people in Sturbidge, at the Publick House (no, it’s not a typo.  It’s historical…).  It was part of the Central and Western Massachusetts Girl Scouts fundraisers, called, “Fork it Over.”  Twelve of us chefs came up with recipes made with girl scout cookies.  I made (what else) pad Thai with DoSiDos, the peanut butter creme cookie.  It was, I must admit, pretty tasty.  And this has been a pad Thai week, going back to last Saturday, when I made it with Sweet Sloops Crunch at Harbor Sweets.  The recipes will go up in a few days.

Were you one of the 75 people who was there?

Chocolate Pad Thai?

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder about my cooking class at Harbor Sweets in Salem, MA this Saturday, Nov 7, from noon-2:00.  The class is filling up, so make sure you reserve a seat ASAP.  I’ve created four new recipes with Sweet Sloops Crunch®.  Are you ready for this:  how about Pad Thai with Sweet Sloops Crunch®?  Or maybe bananas Foster, with Sweet Sloops Crunch®?  And more.  So come by on Saturday for some fun and food.  And it’s free, which makes it even more fun.  The only request is that all of the attendees in the class be at least 12 years old.

To register, please call Harbor Sweets at 978-745-7648.  I hope to see you there.

Pizza Night!

Tonight was pizza night.  I made a triple dough recipe, enough for six pizzas.  We ended up with five.  And I (with a visiting sous chef from Chicago, Chef MollyG) made a few new ones, with everyone’s wine-induced suggestions.  One of them was a variation on a recipe I created for a Whole Foods demo a few years ago.  I was supposed to do something with portabella mushrooms for their March Mushroom Madness celebration.  So I created a Philly cheese steak, without the steak.  Yeah, I know it sounds wacky.  But it’s really good.  I got the idea because everyone describes portabellas as being “meaty.”  Thus, the Philly cheese steak without the steak.  And tonight, I took it one step further (farther?  Who knows?).  I made it a pizza topping.  No, there wasn’t any tomato sauce or pepperoni.  Just the pizza dough with the Philly topping.  It went over very well.

And yes, I posted it tonight in my recipe section.  It’s fast, easy, and a huge hit.  Plus, when a vegetarian shows up at the door, you can give them a huge treat.