THE Spatula

Yeah, I’ve been quiet on the blog.  I’ve also been cooking up a storm, including eight of the last nine days.  So before I dive into the writing again, it’s time to bring up a great gift idea…

I’m being hounded.  Okay, maybe not hounded, although I do have two hounds:

No, it’s my sister, Bea.  The one who is a food fiend and never went into the food biz.  She should have (although it’s never too late), but we can save that for another day.  No, she’s all over me because of a spatula.  And not just any spatula.

She’s always been into kitchen gadgets.  Not me.  I’m both a purist and a snob when it comes to those things.  That rubber roller-thingee to peel garlic?  Nope.  Silicone oven mitts?  Nope again.  I’d rather risk a burn using folded towels.  But every now and then, a gadget comes by that I like.  And the truth is, I usually get them from Bea. She’ll either send them to me, unsolicited, or I’ll use it in her kitchen and either ask for it, or steal it.  Isn’t that what brothers are supposed to do?

So, she sent me this spatula. I didn’t get around to using it.  And she kept asking me about it. And she was getting impatient. As only an older (oldest?) sister can do, I might add.

Let me explain my thinking.  Years ago, I thought I’d reached the height of heights when some culinary Dupont genius came up with the heat –resistant spatula.  As far as I was concerned (and I didn’t give it THAT much thought), we’d pretty much reached the zenith of our spatula R&D.  The geniuses behind it could go on to other great discoveries, like sog-resistant Corn Flakes, and Jumbo shrimp.

But then, Bea sent me the spatula.  Not just any spatula.  But a Switchit Long Spatula.

Oh my.  It really is great.  Why?  Sure, it’s heat resistant.  Who isn’t?  But it’s pliable enough to clean out bowls and jars easily.  I never thought about it until I used it.  I’m now thinking about spatulas again.  How lame is my life?  It really is one of those kitchen tools that is worth buying.

So, as a disclaimer, the Switchit people are not paying me a single penny for my endorsement.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zippo.  Damn.  But you should buy it anyway,  Plus, they make the perfect gift.  Buy two for yourself.  And a bunch for everyone you know.

And future unsolicited gadgets that Bea sends me?  I dunno.  How could this possibly be topped?