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This is fresh corned beef

This is fresh corned beef

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. It’s a holiday that somehow escaped my culinary childhood, and one that I continued to forget to celebrate until recent years. It’s not that I have no love for green bagels, green beer, and all foods seasonally green. Well, okay, I don’t have love for them. But I don’t dislike them, either. They just never seem to show up on my food radar (“foodar?”). But this weekend was the third year in a row that I cooked corned beef and cabbage. I rarely had boiled dinners when was growing up. Gee, I wonder why? But this one has been growing on me. This year, we had a party to celebrate not only this homage to boiling, but we made it a truly international meal. The wild card this year was that two of the guests (20% of all attendees!) were vegetarians. They weren’t under the corned beef spell for this one. So I had to split up the menu. Once that happened, all culinary hell broke loose, and I went wildly international with the whole menu. Here it is, with each item’s origins included:


• meat and potato knishes (lower east side. maybe)

• mock chopped liver (lower east side? Berkley, CA? A commune somewhere? who knows?)

• Caesar Salad (Mexico. Really)

• Vegetarian Pad Thai (duh!)

• Corned Beef and Cabbage, w/potatoes and carrots (New York and/or somewhere in Ireland)

• Checkerboard chocolate and vanilla cookies…England

So there you have it. Food from everywhere. And yeah, it turned out well. No one went home hungry.

And what are you making for this big food holiday?

Different Drummer’s Kitchen and Macaroons!

I’m always a bit surprised when Monday mornings get away from me. How often does this happen? Usually, not more then once per week. And it’s been a busy morning. I’m thrilled that I’ve just arranged two new classes for this summer at Different Drummer’s Kitchen in Albany, NY. This is in addition to classes at Different Drummer’s in Northampton, MA this summer, and my monthly classes at Stonewall Kitchen. The latest dates for Albany are on Weds, June 30 and Weds, Aug 4, or three days before my 12th Pan Mass Challenge.

Tonight, I’ll be at Different Drummer’s Kitchen in NoHo for a Passover class. I’ll be doing (among other things) my famous chocolate macaroons, as immortalized on video by the Springfield Republican (that’s a newspaper, not a person).

You can still sign up for the class. And you can get the macaroon recipe on my site.

What a Monday!

Catching Up

So, where have I been this last month? It’s more like, where haven’t I been? There was the launch party for Michael Palmer’s new book, The Last Surgeon, which hit #15 in the NY Times bestseller list in it’s first week. That was during a heavy snowstorm at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, with almost 400 hungry people.

Then, there were the two sold-out classes at Stonewall Kitchen, at their cooking school in York, ME. I am in awe of the folks at Stonewall. What a well run place. The food prep was easy. The people couldn’t have been nicer. And the attendees at the classes? They were a blast. My next class is April 17. Come up to Southern Maine for a great time and great food.

And then there were a number of private cooking lessons. A kosher Passover one. Seafood at another. And more.

Coming up next is my Passover class at Different Drummer’s kitchen on Monday, March 22. Seats are still available.

And then there’s the cookbook. I’m almost 1/3 of the way through it. As I get closer to the end, I’ll let you know what it’s all about.