Grillin’ in the Rain

This was a good cooking night.  Actually, a great one.  With summer almost here, and rain definitely here, it was time to put on the foul weather gear and do some grilling.  It was a fun dinner, with 6 guests. I stared with guacamole and salsa and chips (Yes, I made them. Okay, I lied.  I bought the chips).  Dinner was beer can chicken, steak tips, red bliss potatoes roasted with rosemary, and a medley (mélange?) of grilled vegetables, with zucchini, summer squash, red pepper, and red onion.  Yes, I have a heavy-duty grill basket that I love.

And dessert: fresh local strawberries, cherries (they’re local, if you’re from California), and two nice bleu and camembert cheeses.

Ahh, summer menus.  All we need now is summer.