Turkeys and Peas!

Turkey stock!

Just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend:  I’ve posted my pea soup and turkey stock recipes on my recipe page here on the website.  Both of these go way back for me.  The turkey stock is a great way to finish the Thanksgiving holiday.  Depending on your stockpot, you can get up to two or three gallons of turkey stock in your freezer.  This will last you for ages in your freezer.  Or rather, it might just get you and your soups into springtime.

As for the pea soup, I almost never make it with a ham bone.  Why?  Well, for no other reason than I grew up with pea soup without ham bones.  Yes, it’s tragic to some, I realize.  But it did lead to a (mostly) happy childhood.  Plus, I make this pea soup at least once a month, as I have clients who love it and I make it for us at home, too.  Which brings up my sister, Bea.  She doesn’t just dislike all things pea.  She can’t stand ‘em.  Of course, she blames her childhood.  We were there at the same time for pea soup and my English father’s love of that British classic, mushy peas.  So why do I love ‘em, and Bea doesn’t?  Hmmmm.  That IS a good question…

So enjoy your pea soup made with turkey stock.  And invite me over sample them.  Just don’t invite Bea.