Thanksgiving is just hours away.  I’m sure you’re completely ready.  And what could possible go wrong?  When you combine lots of food, family, perhaps a little travel, and the weight of culinary expectations, it always works out well, doesn’t it  Of course it does!

Well, on the outside chance that you’re stressed, here are a few video things that can help you.  Yesterday, on Mass Appeal, we covered the Thanksgiving basics: making cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy from the pan drippings, plus a quick turkey carving 101. And just because there’s a box of Stove Top stuffing there doesn’t mean I used it. Nooooooo! It was a prop to show that homemade stuffing is sooo easy to make.  And tastes better, too! And yes, all of the recipes are on the videos.  How easy is that?

But I also have a longer, 7 ½ minute carving video. This is a new version of my classic how-to-avoid-carving-mishaps video of a few years ago.  After you watch it, you’ll be able to carve with confidence.  My big advice is to not give in to temptation by carving your turkey at the table.  Do it in the kitchen. You’ll have more room for carving there. And you won’t risk getting your tablecloth a wee bit messy with turkey juices. Plus, everyone will be soooo impressed when you bring your beautifully cared turkey to the table!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope your holidays, and beyond, are everything you want them to be!