Barking about Chocolate



I’m in the middle (although I’m suppose to be closer to the end) of my book on making chocolate candies. It’s been enjoyable, but also kinda/sorta stressful.  Why is it that the words swirling around in my barely-awake brain in the middle of the night can’t seem to find their way onto a piece of paper the next day? After all, this is just about chocolate, right?

Which leads, of course, to my chocolate-obsessed mother. I won’t tell you how old she is except to mention that Herbert Hoover was halfway through his less-than-successful presidency when she was born in that small town of Brooklyn, NY. It’s been said that Hoover’s presidency would have been more successful had he eaten more chocolate.

So, my mother was out of the room yesterday as I was explaining to my cousin Susan about my latest batch of chocolate bark. I’d made the chocolate layer too thick, and there was too much chocolate in each bite. I wanted more of a balance. I explained this to Susan, and said that when I repeat this again to my mother, she’ll say, “That’s ridiculous. It’s not possible to have too much chocolate.” Sure enough, when my mom came back into the room, I told her about the batch of bark. She didn’t miss a beat.  She said, verbatim, “That’s ridiculous. It’s not possible to have too much chocolate!”

Yup, that’s my mom and chocolate. It’s nice to know that some things don’t, and shouldn’t, ever change.