Knife Skills

Knife Skills will show you how to choose and use knives, and other tools for your kitchen, to help you become a more confident cook.

Making and Using Vinegar

Making and Using Vinegars will show you how to make and use vinegars, including great vinegar recipes for drinks, baked goods, vinaigrettes, and more!

How to Make Chocolate Candies

Making Chocolate Candies will show you how to make candies, from  simple fudge to dipped, flavored truffles. With an easy steps to have your chocolate candies be perfect every time.

Chef Bill’s first three books were published in 2014, with two more due, one in 2015, and the other in 2016. The first three are from Storey Publishing, as part of their “Kitchen Basics” series of how-to books.

You can order all of these books through your local bookstore, or at Amazon.


The next book, also for Storey Publishing, is all about caramels. This chocolate and caramel combo above is just a hint of the great recipes you’ll find in the book.

The  book following caramels is a bit of an opposite one. It’ll be a big, colorful book for the American Diabetes Association, on regional American cuisine. The recipes will be both tasty and healthy! It’ll arrive in bookstores in 2016.