Knife Skills

Knife Skills will show you how to choose and use knives, and other tools for your kitchen, to help you become a more confident cook.

Making and Using Vinegar

Making and Using Vinegars will show you how to make and use vinegars, including great vinegar recipes for drinks, baked goods, vinaigrettes, and more!

How to Make Chocolate Candies

Making Chocolate Candies will show you how to make candies, from  simple fudge to dipped, flavored truffles. With easy steps to have your chocolate candies be perfect every time.

Making and Using Caramel will explain and simplify the ways to make different types of caramels, from chewy candies to luscious sauces. Plus, techniques on how to avoid crystallizing, to make your caramel perfect, every time!

Chef Bill’s first four books were published by Storey Publishing, as part of their “Kitchen Basics” series of how-to books. He is currently working on a new book.

You can order all of these books through your local bookstore, or at Amazon.